Our Mission

Birdtitude TM is a socially-minded online ecommerce shop whose founders are passionate about birds, and are dedicated to inspiring the world to take action to protect them.

Our charming apparel showcases the unique beauty of birds, and combines them with adorable quotes that make the world laugh, all in hopes of inspiring people to appreciate these animals and their beauty!

When you make a purchase, $1 is donated to the American Bird Conservancy Foundation of your choice.

When you purchase Birdtitude apparel, you’re choosing to be a part of the solution!

Our Vision

We envision a world where humans and wildlife live in harmony; a world where humans learn to appreciate the beauty of birds and work to protect them, even if sometimes they poop on your car!

Our Mission

We hope to take over the world with our quirky designs that showcase the adorable attitudes of all types of birds. And while we hope that our apparel makes bird lovers smile, we hope that it sparks awareness and love in people who never gave birds much thought before.

Our Initiatives

When you make a purchase, we donate $1 to the American Bird Conservancy foundation of your choice.

Join us on our mission to make people smile, and save birds while we’re at it!

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If you are an association who supports our cause, please contact us. We’d love to team up with like-minded individuals to strengthen our cause, spread the word, and make a larger impact.

We’d Love to Hear From You!

Contact us at support@birdtitude.com or via our contact form.