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Top 10 Birds Every Bird Lover Must See

Top 10 Birds Every Bird Lover Must See

For every bird watching beginner, choosing what species of bird to start their birdwatching journey with is always a big dilemma. With so many kinds of birds to choose from and even more species, choosing one out of this abundance of choice is not always easy. It’s often like picking one bird-themed item out of hundreds you love! We at Birdtitude understand this plight, and have decided for this reason to provide you with a list of birds perfect for you to start with!


In this blog, we’d be bringing you the top 10 birds every bird-lover most definitely needs to see. Whether you are a beginner or not, if you are a bird-lover and haven’t seen any of these birds… you’ve really got some serious bird watching hunger you need to feed. You just don’t know it yet!


1.    Lilac Breasted Roller: Our Birdie Ball of Energy

Lilac Breasted Roller, Bird, Bird Lover


Looking for one more reason to go on that trip to Africa? Well, here you have it!


One of the most beautiful birds you’d ever come across in Africa, (possibly even the world!), the Lilac Breasted Roller is just an absolute delight to watch! With a myriad of different beautifully bright colors, the Lilac Breasted Roller comes in an artistic mix of blue, green, turquoise, brown, and the lilac they are so notable for.


And while the scintillating blend of colors is enough of a dazzle, the enthusiasm with which these birds go about their activities makes them even more fun to watch!


Where Can You Find These Birds?

In open woodland and savannah country throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.

2. Red Cardinal: Your Out-Of-This-World Songbird

Red Cardinal, Bird, Bird Lover


If you are a beginner to birdwatching and have never felt the ecstasy of watching a songbird before, the Red Cardinal is definitely a must-see for you.


With such a bright and vibrant red plumage, the red cardinal is not a bird easy to miss despite its size, yet, it is not just this plume that makes this bird special to us (and basically most other bird-lovers) around the world. What really sells these birds and really makes them stand out is their beautiful singing voice.


The red cardinals are such talented songbirds, that some believe they are in fact no natural birds but ministers who bring messages from the spirit world. After all, what better creature to send to the world of the living to tell a tale or pass a message than a bird with a singing voice no one can seem to resist?


Where Can You Find These Birds?

These birds can be found along the pacific coast of Mexico and on the Islas Marias.


Do you know someone who loves the red cardinals as much as we do? Check out our red-cardinal-themed products. You just might find them the perfect gift!

3.    Hummingbirds: They are Free Spirits!

Hummingbird, Bird, Bird Lover


Here one bird you just can’t get enough of. These birds are a real beauty to watch. Probably the most skillful winged animal in the world, these birds are yet another must-see. From there beautiful, almost iridescent plumage to there extraordinarily fast wing speed, these birds are just irreplaceable. And it’s no exaggeration either. No other bird works its wings as fast as the hummingbird (theirs are so fast, they’re virtually impossible to see!)


With all these, features, it is no wonder the hummingbird is one of the world’s, as well as our favorite birds to watch. Are you also a big fan of the hummingbird? Check out our hummingbird-themed items to show your undying love for these absolutely wonderful birds.


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Different hummingbird species have been known to thrive in different habitats. You can find them anywhere from arid deserts to lush forests to even your backyards! Yet another reason why we love these birds so much.

4.    Flamingo: I’m Putting My Foot Down!

Flamingo, Bird, Bird Lover


Okay, you can not just do without seeing these birds. One of the most popular birds in the world, flamingos are just… well, flamingos! Even the name seems to carry a sort of power in it. Beautiful and social, flamingos are one of the most enjoyable birds to watch and seeing as they are usually found in flocks, you get to enjoy multiple times the awesome!


From that snake-like long neck to their bamboo-long legs, flamingos go about their birdy business with an almost regal grace ─ even when splashing around in the water. The southing feeling derived from watching such creatures going around doing such mundane activities with so much regality is exactly what makes these birds one of our top picks.


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Flamingos are a highly adaptable species and can be found around both freshwater and saltwater in and around the Middle East, the Caribbean, South America, African and near the Mediterranean.


Are you in love with flamingos? Join countless other flamingo-lovers and identify with the birds you love with our several flamingo-themed products.


5.    Hoopoe:  It's All About The Haircut!

Hoopoe, Bird, Bird Lover


Here’s one bird that just simply demands your attention simply by being in the area. With its cinnamon-colored plumage, bold stripes, long, dagger-like beak, and funky Mohawk (what else could that be!) the hoopoe is definitely a bird you don’t want to miss.


Beauty alone isn’t the sole criterion for being a good bird for birdwatching though, and in this light, the hoopoe doesn’t disappoint. These birds are just busting with interesting characteristics. From their flight patterns that look very similar to that of a butterfly to their various courtship rituals these birds definitely do a lot that catches the attention of birdwatchers.


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Hoopoes are widespread in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, and on the Birdtitude logo!

Did you know?

The hoopoe was chosen as the national bird of the State of Israel in May 2008 in conjunction with the country's 60th anniversary, following a national survey of 155,000 citizens.


Would you have chosen the Hoopoes as well? If so, use your right to vote and choose the Hoopoe! These hoopoe-themed outfits are just what you need to make your choice on the matter clear!

6.    Peacocks: A Glimpse Of Heaven

Peacock, Bird, Bird Lover


Okay, this bird literally toots its own horn. Who hasn’t heard of the absolutely beautiful peacock and its artistically designed tailfeathers? Exactly. Hearing about it and seeing it on TV is one thing though. Watching it live is a whole different experience.


Peacocks have to be the devas of the bird family. While most birds are unlikely to strike a pose when they catch you watching, peacocks are most likely to do the exact opposite! And this makes them one of the top birds you just need to see.


If you are a birdwatching beginner and are trying to choose a good bird to start your journey with, peacocks are as good as any. You are definitely going to have more than enough memories from just one watch (and more than enough pictures too!)


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Peacocks can be found in their natural habitat in places like India, Sri Lanka, Java, Myanmar, and in the African Rain Forests.


Love peacocks? Check out these peacock-themed apparel designed specifically for peacock-lovers.

7.    Penguins: The Birdie Lords of the Sea!

Penguin, Bird, Bird Lover


Pick ten lists of most popular birds in the world, completely at random, and you would still find these birds in at least eight of them! They are just that popular and loved, and for good reason too.


Penguins are not only a beautiful and diverse group of birds (with about 18 different species), they are also an absolute joy to watch, and this is why we love them so much. From the Emperor penguin to the Gentoo penguins, you have a group of birds just packed with beautiful feathery superstars you just must see!


As if that isn’t good enough, Penguins have even more to offer, the major three ones being: the funny way they walk, that absolutely cute sound they make, and finally, their unparalleled ice skating and diving skills! With all these combined, there’s really no questioning why these birds are one of the birds at the top of our list of birds every birdwatcher must see!


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Penguins are native to the Southern Hemisphere and can be found both in cold regions like Antarctica and the much cooler temperate zones, with some species even living closer to the equator.


Check out our penguin-themed products, and you might just find the perfect one for your trip to Antarctica to watch these birds!

8.    Toucans: Ever seen a beak that huge?!

Toucan, Bird, Bird Lover


Looking for something more exotic and tropical? Then the Toucan is a definite must-see.


Possibly the most popular tropical bird, the Toucan is definitely a good choice for any bird-watching beginner to start with. Playful, intelligent, and absolutely beautiful in their myriad of colors, the Toucan family of birds is definitely fun to watch! And look at that extraordinary beak!


So why exactly do we like these birds so much? The answer is simple: they are so fun to watch. These birds seem to know just how much we humans love them, and when they see you spying on them, they just might give you a show for your entertainment!


With so many different species in this group, you have no shortage of variety. From the mountain toucans to the typical toucans, you have quite the list of birds just waiting to amaze you with playfulness.


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Toucans are naturally tropical birds and can be found in tropical regions from Southern Mexico to Northern Argentina.


9.    The Ridiculously Cute Puffins!

Puffin, Bird, Bird Lover


Look at this picture and tell us you are not just dying to watch these birds. And if you’re wondering, yes, these little birdies look just as cute in real life as they do in this picture!


Unique looking and fun to watch, puffins are the Koala bears of the bird family ─ we just can’t resist them! With their interesting lifestyles, charming looks, and that cute little way they walk ─ just adorable ─ these birds are a must-see for every bird lover.


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Puffins are naturally found exclusively in the North Atlantic Ocean though they are known to widen their range during winter. These birds can majorly be found along the coast in countries like New England, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, and Russia. During winter, however, they can be found as the Iberian Peninsula and northern Africa into the Mediterranean Sea and in North America may be seen as far south as off the coast of Virginia or North Carolina.


Some species of Puffins can also be found further south along Japan, southeastern Russia, and North Korea as well as further south along the California coast.


10. The Kingfisher: That Spear-like Beak Is No Decoration!

Kingfisher, Bird, Bird Lover


Kingfishers are another great bird every bird lover needs to have on their list of watched birds. Though small, these birds are absolutely vibrant and beautiful. With colorful plumage, dagger-like beak, super sharp eyes, and exceptional fishing skills, watching these birds is sure to be an interesting affair.


Definitely one of the best experiences you can ever have bird watching is seeing a kingfisher sweep down into a pond and whisk up a fish. The absolute exhilaration of seeing this magnificent display of skills is just… wow! This skill, along with the sheer regality of this bird is what brings it to our list of top birds every birdwatcher most-definitely needs to see.


Where Can You Find These Birds?

Kingfishers are a widely spread group of birds and can be found in most parts of the world, usually around lakes, rivers and streams.


So there you have it, 10 birds you really must see if you are to ever call yourself a legit bird watcher. If you haven’t seen any of these birds before, you really should get yourself signed on to one of the next bird-watching expeditions for any of these birds.


Do you have birds you think all bird lovers need to see? Let us know in the comments below. Who knows, Birdtitude might just create a new design that features your personal favorite birdie star!

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