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Barbara Feldenstain
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At last a shop that really stands for something! Love the idea love the shirts and the boots. Recommended.

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Dana Rimond
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First of all I love the designs, they are great! Second, the buying experience was good and not too complicated and third, I got my beautiful shoes on time which is nice as well. Overull expirience - I'll be back for more!

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Bob Tarte
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Love the shop and love the idea of apparel inspired by birds. the shirt that i've got was in a very high quality.

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Spy on Your Favorite Bird With the Best Birdwatching Scopes

Spy on Your Favorite Bird With the Best Birdwatching Scopes

While you’re out on the prowl searching for an array of beautiful birds, you need a quality bird watching telescope to see them clearly. Finding the best scope option for birdwatching is based around quite a few different factors. What is the environment like? Not having the right equipment for your bird “hunting” could cost you a magical moment with one of your favorite aviary species. Learn the difference between spotting scopes, binoculars, and the best telescopes for spying out mystical creatures in their native habitats.

If possible, start with a design with basic features that are somewhat easy to figure out if you’re a beginner with bird scoping. Once you learn to use your scope properly, you can work your way up to a better, more advanced option!

Binoculars, Double Sight and Double the Fun

One of the easiest scopes to use for bird watching would of course be that handy set of traditional binoculars. They’re relatively inexpensive, and most pairs are capable of magnifying birds anywhere from 8 to 10 times closer! 10x binoculars are usually recommended for bird watching, especially if you’re looking for a clear, bright, focused image.

While they’re better for those who need the dual vision, they don’t provide the straight and angled options that a spotting scope does. Another minor downside is that depending on the ones you purchase, they may be a bit heavy and large. However, you can find some that are more portable-friendly as the prices increase.

Spotting Scopes, One Eye is All You Need!

A spotting scope is sort of like the pirate version of binoculars, it operates on a single adjustable lens. While they’re on the higher end of a budget, it's worth investing in this excellent tool! They’re smaller, lighter, and far easier to keep in a backpack or bag; many of us confuse them for a different type of magnifier. When you’re looking around online for the best bird watching telescope, the spotting scope is what you’re thinking of!

You can use it as a handheld item or set it up on a tripod stand, just as you would with a telescope. This allows for a much further range of vision, and the more technologically advanced models include features like digital recording and photography. Unlike binoculars, the best bird watching scopes can magnify your target from 20 to 40 times closer! They also provide the option of an angled lens for difficult maneuvering between branches and other debris.

Quality Matters!

A basic set of binoculars generally won’t cost you more than about $200, as would a scope. If this is the budget you’re looking at, it's worth it to save for the highest priced one with the best quality and features available. Anything lower than the $100 bracket won’t last very long, or be reliable for clear images. Most binocular prices max out around $1000, whereas a spotting scope can rise to over $2000!

So, which item is the best for bird watching? We’d have to go with the spotting scope, the versatility is quite convenient. With the ability to change out your lenses, set it up on top of a tripod with ease, and focus on your target with great precision, this bird watching tool far outweighs the antiquated binoculars.

Single scopes give the aviary enthusiasts the view they want because of the strict specifications required by the lense. They’re designed to accommodate the particular lighting that exists in the reflection of the sky, clouds, sunlight, and benefits that you don’t always get from a pair of binoculars.

To give you one last piece of advice, bird watching is an activity that is more often participated in during the warmer months when birds are migrating. Whether you decide on a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope, you’ll want to buy a brand that has anti-fog and waterproof features. When placed against your face, the heat from outside and the moisture from your breath will inevitably create a problem.

There’s no shame in purchasing a less “professional” bird watching scope or binoculars when you’re starting out. Follow the care instructions, and be sure to inquire about warranties in case you need to have parts replaced in the future!

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