Why Central Park Is One Of The Most Unique Places For Bird Watching In The World

Why Central Park Is One Of The Most Unique Places For Bird Watching In The World

Whether your an experienced or beginner aviary enthusiast, bird-watching can be both extremely challenging, but highly rewarding! New York City’s Central Park has one of the best and largest locations available for those who appreciate the sight and sound of the majestic warbler. Or perhaps you’re more interested in capturing a photo of the bright feathers of the blue jay. Here are some suggestions on where to find them, and what areas of Central Park you can find your favorite birds. 

Rise and Shine, the Early Bird Gets the Worm!

With over 200 species living in the area, it's no wonder New York City is one of the most ideal places to birdwatch! Just be prepared for some competition, since it's such a popular area for aviary enthusiasts you’ve got to get early in the morning. After 9 AM, all areas of the park become heavily populated with other people who want to see the birds. Otherwise, you can visit Central Park during just about any time of year, with the spring and fall being the more favorable times to visit.


Red Hawks and Warblers That Sing, These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Between the hotter months of early June and late August, you’ll notice there aren’t quite as many birds chirping and whistling. Around this time, most species are heading out to the warmer regions for breeding and feeding season. If you plan to get plenty of professional shots for your photography portfolio, you’ll need to start your trip earlier in the year. From April to June for example, you can find hundreds of warblers passing through. In April, there is an influx of the robin, sparrow, and swallow populations. Essentially, do your best to plan according to the seasons if there are specific birds you want to see! You don’t want to miss out on your favorite species.

A Park Within a Park

With a distance I of about 3 miles long, Central Park is a pretty huge place with more than one attraction. The park itself is split into several sections including the Woodlands, Summit Rock, and the Reservoir. So what’s special about each spot, anyway? Well, if you’re more interested in waterfowl, for example, you’ll want to head straight over to the last location on that list, the Reservoir. This area is heavily populated with ducks, geese, and gulls, which you might be thinking you can find anywhere. You might be right, but the Reservoir is also packed full of more “exotic” bird breeds such as grebes, coots.


Even more astonishing is the rare presence of the Mandarin Duck, which you might just get lucky enough to see if you make your way to Central Park during their favorite seasons! So, what on Earth are you waiting for? Which of these special birds are you hoping to see during your trip to one of the best places in the world for bird watching? Leave a comment and let us know!


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