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Top 3 Bird Watching Trails You Should Definitely Experience

Top 3 Bird Watching Trails You Should Definitely Experience

Trails or birding trails as they are also known as are a must-see for every birdwatcher, beginner or otherwise. In this article, we would be introducing you to 3 birding trails in America sure to provide you the best experience.

Before getting to the good stuff though, let’s get something out of the way.


What Are Birding Trails?

Bird Watching Trails, Birdtitude, Bird

If you are a beginner, you probably had this question at the back of your mind from the very beginning. Well, here’s the answer ─ Birding trails are routes for people to see and observe birds, NOT a trail for birds.

There’s an important difference there. Most people, beginners especially, believe birding trails are trails through which birds frequent as they go about doing their business. While this is to some degree true, as birds do frequent some “hot spots” on trails, the entire trail is not always frequented by birds.

So what exactly are birding trails? Well, birding trails are in most cases driving trips with occasional stops at special spots where different species of birds are most likely to be seen.

Now, here’s what’s so special about birding trails. While on birding expeditions and festivals, you are just as likely to see as many birds (many at times even more so), birding trails offer you something rear ─ the chance to see different species of birds living freely in their natural habitat. On these trails, you can learn what kinds of birds visit what what time and season, where they can be found, and how they behave naturally in this habitat.

So with that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

Top 3 Birding Trails In America You Just Have To Experience

1.   The Great Washington State Birding Trail

Bird Watching Trails, Birdtitude, Bird

  • Location:
  • Cost of Map or Guide: $4.95
  • Total Number of Bird Species: Over 340
  • Birds to Expect: Trumpeter Swan, White-throated Swift, Snowy Owl, Tufted Puffin, Black-chinned Hummingbird, and over 335 other species.

We can’t really talk about top birding trails in America without talking about The Great Washington Birding Trail now, can we?

Located in the Evergreen State itself, a state with a record of over 340 annually recorded species of birds, The Great Washington Birding Trail encompasses the entirety of the state of Washington. Along this trail, you are bound to experience the very best locations for birdwatching in the entire state.

The Great Washington Birding Trail comprises of 7 “loops” which take up the entirety of the state:

  • The Cascade Loop
  • The Coulee Corridor
  • The Olympic Loop
  • The Palouse to Pines Loop
  • The Puget Loop
  • The Southwest Loop
  • The Sun and Sage Loop

Each loop is home to over 50 different birding hot spots, several varying habitats, and hundreds of different species of birds. With the trail properly mapped out, the map well detailed, and the location itself a treasure of exotic birds, this birding trail is one you most definitely need to experience. Whether you would like to take each loop one at a time, or you would rather enjoy the entire trail all at once, The Great Washington Birding Trail is one you are definitely going to enjoy.

Purchase the map today or download the app.

2.   Alabama Birding Trails

Bird Watching Trails, Birdtitude, Bird

  • Location:
  • Cost of Map or Guide: Available online for free!
  • Total Number of Bird Species: Over 430
  • Birds to Expect: Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Bald Eagles, Red-billed Woodpecker, Red-tailed hawk, Northern Mockingbird, and over 435 other species of birds!

Alright, this is technically eight different trails in one, but who cares? It’s eight times the fun!

Comprising of eight different trails, the Alabama Birding Trails is another must-see. With over 430 different bird species, 8 trails, and a staggering 280 stops, experiencing the Alabama Birding trails is sure to be one of the most eventful trips you would ever experience in your time as a birder.

The Alabama Birding Trails of the following 8 trails:

  • North Alabama Trail
  • West Alabama Trail
  • Appalachian Highlands Trail
  • Piedmont Plateau Trail
  • Black Belt Nature and Heritage Trail
  • Pineywoods Trail
  • Wiregrass Trail
  • Alabama Coastal Birding Trail

Each of the above-mentioned trails comprises of a variety of bird species, unique bird habitats, and lots of fun memories to be made. Covering diverse landscapes and sceneries, this collection of birding trails something for every type of birdwatcher. From the Tupelo Swamps and blazing fields of wildflowers on the North Alabama Trails coastal paradise of the Alabama Coastal Birding trails, the Alabama Birding Trails assured of one birding experience field with not only the most beautiful birds Alabama has to offer but also a scenery you are sure not going to be forgetting anytime soon.

Click here to view the trail maps for free!

3.   Colorado Birding Trail

Bird Watching Trails, Birdtitude, Bird

  • Location:
  • Cost of Map or Guide: Free PDFs and mobile guides are available!
  • Total Number of Bird Species: Over 300
  • Birds to Expect: Greater Prairie-Chickens, Kingbirds, Snow Goose, Waterbirds, and over 295 other species.

When you talk of states in the United States with quite the wildlife diversity, Colorado has to be amongst the top cities to mention, and this birding trail is sure to show you exactly why. Consisting of 3 regions, 14 different loops, and 219 rich birding sites, this trail one rich in all the essentials of the birding adventure you could ever think of.

The 3 regions of the Colorado Birding Trails include:

  • Western Colorado
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Eastern Plains

With diverse habitats ranging from dry grasslands to the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Birding Trail seals its spot amongst the top birding trails you need to experience in America. You want even more reasons to visit this trail, well, you’ve got it. Not only does this trail provide you with a unique diversity of birds, but also over a thousand species of other animals too! If that is not enough reason to visit this wonderful trail, then I don’t know what is!

Click here to download the free PDF guides!

So there you have it, people. Three great birding trails in America that, quite frankly, you do not want to end your birding journey without experiencing. Do you know any other birding trail you believe is so great other birders need to experience? Let us know in the comment section below. We, the Birdtitude community, would really love to hear from you.

New to the trills of birding expeditions or birding in general and find yourself wondering what thing you would need to bring along on these birding? Check out our article on the top birding gears and gadgets and our other birding related blogs on



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