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7 Birding Gear Every True Birder Should Have

7 Birding Gear Every True Birder Should Have

Everyone knows that the beginning stage of any activity is usually the hardest, and bird-watching is no different. Every beginner always has this or that concern, always wondering what to do and what not to do, and stuff like that. Knowing very well how this feels, we at Birdtitude have created a number of guides and lists, which we believe would take care of a lot of these questions.


In this blog, we would be providing you with one of such lists: the list of 7 birding gear you need to have as a true birder. All the items in this list are essential for birding expeditions, and while they are not compulsory, your birdwatching experience would be lest fascinating without them.


With that said, let’s get to it!


Top 7 Birding Gear Every Bird-watcher Needs

1.    Binoculars

Birding Gear, Birder, Binoculars

Recommended Price Range: $50 - $250

Key Advantages: Extended vision. Clearer view.

Supporting Gadgets/Accessories: Binoculars harness.

Top recommendations: Nikon binoculars.


Here's a fact: you can not call yourself a true birder without having binoculars. It's just not possible. You can't always expect to get that once in a lifetime experience of having that perfect view of the bird or birds you want to be watching. More often than not, the birds would be far away, or a bit too small to see from your current distance, and trying to get closer might spook them. Binoculars are the perfect way to fix this problem.


If you are new to getting binoculars, we recommend the Nikon Action Extreme 7x35 ATB Binoculars. While cheap, these binoculars are still very effective for your birdwatching needs and are comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable for extended viewing.

2.    Birding Guide


Recommended Price Range: $10 - $30

Key Advantages: Provides information about birds you are likely to come across in a given area and helps you recognize them.

Supporting Gadgets/Accessories: Birding apps.


As a bird-watching beginner, chances are you know very little about birds and birding in general. You probably know nothing about the dos and the don'ts of birding, or what kinds of birds live where, and what you should expect when watching different birds. These are all things you would need to know when bird-watching. You might also want to know more about the interesting birds you see during each bird-watching expedition.


The best way to get these answers is by getting a birding guide. These guides teach you all you need to know about birding, the dos, and the don'ts, and also provides you with all the necessary information you need to know about birds. If you are an Owl-lover, a good birdwatching guide to check out is the Birdtitude Beginner's Gide to Owl Watching.


Do you have little to no knowledge about how to use binoculars for birdwatching? Visit this blog to learn and perfect this vital bird-spying skill!

3.    Bird Feed

Birding Gear, Bird-watcher, Bird Feed


Recommended Price Range: $5 - $100 (depending on quality and quantity)

Key Advantages: Attracts more birds and keeps them around for longer.

Supporting Gadgets/Accessories: Birdfeeder and birdhouse.


Birdfeed is one good item to always have with you every time you go bird watching. While many at times most birds would be scared off by a human coming too close, providing them with some of these delicious treats is the best way to encourage these birds to stay.


There are different feed specific to different birds, however, so you might need to know the kind of bird you plan to feed before setting off to purchase these feed. Nonetheless, there are some feeds that have been known to be enjoyed by numerous birds.


Not every park allows feeding of birds, however, and some other parks only allow the use of feed purchased within the confines of the park. So if you are going birdwatching in a park, you might want to make some inquiries beforehand about what kinds of rules govern the feeding of birds within the premises.


Ever been in a situation where a birding expedition was almost ruined because of the presence or absence of bird feed? Let us know in the comment section below. Your comment might help prevent other birders from getting into such a situation in the nearest future!

4.    Camera

Bird watching, Bird, Camera


Recommended Price Range: $100 - $1000

Key Advantages: Keeps the memories of wonderful moments immortalized.

Supporting Gadgets/Accessories: Pouch, stand, flash, strap, e.t.c.

Top recommendations: Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Kodak, Canon.


You really don’t want to go Bird-watching without a camera. Believe us when we say this ─ you’re most likely going to regret it at the end of the expedition. More often than not, bird-watching expeditions always provide birders with the opportunity to take some potentially epic pictures. From two birds grooming one another to birds of prey with their talons out and ready to snatch up their prey, there are always scenes that would make perfect pictures. Having a camera with you gives you the ability to take advantage of this opportunity.


You do not have to be a professional photographer to be able to photograph these birds either. All you need to do is just have a basic understanding of how to make use of a camera.


Are you an owl lover looking to go owling at night, you might want to check out the Birdtitude Guide to Finding and Photographing Owls at Night.

5.    Backpack


Recommended Price Range: $20 - $150

Key Advantages: Provides easy storage and transportation of other gear.

Top recommendations: Hiking backpacks.


A beautiful bird-themed outfit that shows just how much you love your favorite bird isn’t the only thing you need to wear on a bird-watching expedition ─ a backpack always comes in handy. With all the things you would need to carry around during an expedition ─ your binoculars, birding guides, camera, birdfeed, and anything else you might need to carry ─ there is the need to get something to help carry all these equipment through. A good backpack is virtually indispensable.

6.    List

Bird watching, Bird, Bird Lover


Recommended Price Range: Whatever you wish.

Key Advantages: Provides a sort of documentation of all a birder has experienced during his or her birdwatching adventures.

Supporting Gadgets/Accessories: Birding guide.


Here's one very simple way to distinguish between a true birder and an amateur ─ true birders always have a list. Ask any true birder on your next expedition, and you would find out.


All birders always have a list with them on every birding expedition, and these lists are useful for a couple of reasons. First, the lists are used to document the number of birds seen on a birding expedition. This helps the birding keep stock of how many birds he or she has come across, and how many he or she is yet to see. The list also helps to serve as a journal, documenting the various birds the birder has seen, where he or she saw these birds, and the characteristics these birds displayed.


With more and more content being added to this list over the years, your list could very well grow into your own personal bird watching guide before you know it!

7.    Snack and Water


Recommended Price Range: Whatever you wish.

Key Advantages: You don’t want to go hungry!


Here is one essential gear most people tend to forget. Ironically, they are one of the most important. Most birdwatching expeditions would take you to remote areas ─ places you are not likely to find a vendor or restaurant for quite a while. This is why you need to come with snacks and water so you wouldn’t get hungry on the way. You really don’t want to go bird watching while hungry or thirsty. What was supposed to be a really fun trip can turn into torture pretty quickly!


So there you have it, the 7 essential birding gear all bird lovers must-have. If you do not have any of these gear, you really should go get them right away! After all, your bird watching expedition would only be half as fun without them.

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