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5 Bird Festivals You Must not Miss

5 Bird Festivals You Must not Miss

When you talk about birdwatching activities no birdwatcher should ever do without, attending birdwatching festivals have to be one of them. The reason for this is not farfetched: birding festivals provide quite a lot of benefits regular birdwatching expeditions do not.


Why You Can’t Miss Bird Festivals As A Birdwatcher? 

If you are a beginner to birdwatching, you are likely to be asking yourself this question. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. If you are a veteran birdwatcher however, you can simply skip this part.


So what exactly is a bird-watching festival?


A bird-watching festival is any gathering where bird-lovers and enthusiasts come together to watch and observe several flocks of birds in their natural habitat, either watching them migrate or simply just watching them interact with one another, either to study these birds or just to enjoy the show.


The number of birds usually found in bird festivals are usually so much more than what you get to see on your average bird-watching expeditions, and could some time number into the thousands even!

Bird Festivals, Birdtitude, Birding


That’s why these festivals are so loved. With so many birds to see and watch, your chances of having a memorable time get raised by a thousand degrees!


As a bird watching beginner who wants to enjoy birdwatching to the highest degree, this is something you definitely do not want to miss. Knowing this, we at Birdtitude have prepared you a list of 5 hot bird festivals coming up between January and May next year! Believe it when we say, you do NOT want to miss any of these festivals.


5 Hot Bird Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss Between Now And April 2020

Bird Festivals,Birdtitude,Birding


1.    Everglades Birding Festival

Everglades Birding Festival, Birdtitude

  • Date: Thursday, 16th January 2020 to Monday the 20th
  • Location: Holiday Inn Express, 2540 Davie Road, Davie, Florida, US
  • Birds to expect: Over 150 different species of birds.
  • How many editions of the festival have been held: 11

When it comes to birding festivals you do not want to miss in 2020, the 12th edition of the Annual Everglades Birding Festival has to be on the top of that list. Having made quite a successful run for over a decade, you can bet that this upcoming edition would be nothing less than spectacular. And with each successive festival bringing even more to look forward to, there is no doubt that this edition would be just as fantastic as ever.


Scheduled to begin on the 16th of January 2020 and come to a close on the 20th, the festival promises a whole 5 days of pure birdwatching ecstasy! The festival site is the Holiday Inn Express 2540 Davie Road, Davie, Florida, though the actual birdwatching itself would take place all through South Florida.


Known for hosting quite a number of bird species (usually above 150!), this edition promises to bring just as many different species to add to your life list. From exotic birds like the Egyptian Goose to majestic birds of prey like the Short-tailed Hawk, this edition promises to be filled with excitement and memorable moments all the way. So clear your schedules bird-lovers, because this is one festival you do not want to miss.


"It was a lot of fun and rewarding to see some of the life birds on my list" Susan Frank, CA.


For more information about the festival, you can reach through the following contact options:


    2.    Laredo Birding Festival

    Laredo Birding Festival, Birdtitude

    • Date: February the 5th to February the 8th, 2020
    • Location: Laredo, Texas, US
    • Birds to expect: Morelet's Seedeater, Scaled Quail, Gray Hawk, Audubon’s and Altamira Orioles, Green Parakeets, Muscovy Duck, Red-billed Pigeon, and Clay-colored Thrush, among many others.
    • How many editions of the festival have been held: 7

    When it comes to birding festivals, a lot of birders would tell you the more the birds, the better. When you attend a birding festival like this one, you’d have to admit they’ve got a very good point.


    Usually occurring every February, the 2020 edition of this celebrated birding festival is set to take place from February the 5th to February the 8th, 2020 at Laredo, Texas, US.


    The Laredo Birding Festival offers a staggering number of birds, featuring over 200 different species of birds including; the Morelet’s Seedeater, the wild Muscovy Duck, the Red-billed Pigeon; different species of Kingfishers, the Green Parakeet, the Great Kiskadee, the Green Jay, Audubon’s and Altamira Orioles, the Clay-colored Thrush, the Scaled Quail, the Gray Hawk, the Plain Chachalaca, the Vermilion Flycatcher, and so much more.


    With such a multitude of birds to watch, this festival pretty much promises to offer you ample material for a birding album!


    For more information about the festival, you can reach through the following contact options:


      3.    Eilat Birds Festival

      Eilat Birds Festival,Birdtitude

      • Date: 22-29 March 2020
      • Location: Agamim hotel in Eilat, Israel
      • Birds to expect: raptors, storks, and a variety of other bird species
      • How many editions of the festival have been held: 13

      Think longer is better when it comes to bird festivals? Then the 2020 Eilat Bird Festival is something you just do not want to miss! While most bird festivals last only a few days long, the Eilat Bird Festival offers you a full week of all your birding pleasures! And with all the beautiful pictures we’ve been able to see from the previous festivals… the 2020 edition promises to be a blast!


      Set to commence on the 22nd of March 2020 and end on the 29th of the same month, the festival is hosted by the Israel Ornithological Center and would be occurring during the peak of spring migration and would be based at the Agamim hotel in Eilat, Israel. Over the years, the festival has been able to boast over a hundred different birds songbirds, and the 2020 edition should be no different. This is yet another Bird festival you just must see!


      Centrally located in the Middle East, Israel is strategically placed in the key bird migration corridors between Africa, Asia, and Europe. Eilat is a gateway to access this corridor from Africa. Every spring over to 2 million soaring birds pass over the Eilat Mountains and on a good day, thousands of raptors and storks can be seen.


      This extraordinary number of birds ─ one of the largest collection of birds you can find in one place ─ and the mind-blowing diversity this festival offers is sure to make the trip to Israel worth it.


      For more information about the festival, you can reach through the following contact options:


        4.    Mackinaw Raptor Fest

        Mackinaw Raptor Fest,Birdtitude,Birding

        • Date: April the 3rd to April the 5th, 2020
        • Location: Mackinaw City, Michigan, US
        • Birds to expect: Live birds of prey including several species of owls and hawks, and a slew of migratory waterbirds.
        • How many editions of the festival have been held: 4

        Not many birding festivals can boast of specializing in offering the perfect birdwatching conditions for raptor lovers, so if you are a birdwatcher who absolutely adores birds of prey, then the Mackinaw Raptor Fest is one birding festival you would really hate to miss.


        Set to take place between the 3rd and the 5th of April, 2020, in the city of Mackinaw, Michigan, the Mackinaw Raptor Fest is a birding festival that promises to be both entertaining and educational in equal measures.


        With the location for the festival situated at the junction of two peninsulas and two great lakes, you get a unique assembly of migratory birds to watch each spring and fall, providing you with hundreds of waterbirds to watch along with the many raptors the festival is most proud of.


        Join the festival and get to see and learn about the birds of prey you love so much in their natural habitat. Meet with professional researchers and discover more about the habits, habitat, and general lifestyle of various species of owls and hawks, and witness these majestic birds showcase what exactly makes them the kings and queens of the kingdom of Aves.


        For more information about the festival, you can reach through the following contact options:


          5.    Birds In The Hills Festival

          Birds In The Hills Festival,Birdtitude,Birding

          • Date: 26-28 April 2020
          • Location: Camp Oty’Okwa, Hocking Hills, Ohio, US
          • Birds to expect: raptors, storks, and a variety of other bird species

          It is one thing to find a birding festival where parents can bring their kids along, it is something else entirely to find one where the festival was actually planned with the involvement of kids in mind! This is one thing that makes the Birds In The Hills Festival one of the most unique festivals you can find, and one you most definitely do not want to miss.


          Scheduled to run its course from the 26th all through the 28th of April, 2020, Birds In The Hills Festival is a three-day birding festival designed to feature activities for both adults and children, making it a perfect birding festival for families. The festival is set to hold at Camp Oty’Okwa in the Hocking Hills and promises to be fun and entertaining with various bird works that would bring you close enough to see and hear several species of birds including Warblers, Tanagers, and Grossbeaks.


          Looking for the perfect birding festival to introduce fresh birders too, or are you a birdwatching beginner yourself? The Birds In The Hills Festival is the perfect choice for you!


          For more information about the festival, you can reach through the following contact options:



            A Quick Recap

            So what have we been able to establish so far?


            • Birdwatching is an activity best enjoyed in a group
            • There’s no better place to enjoy that unparalleled group experience than at birding festivals
            • Different festivals offer different species of birds
            • At a single festival, you can get to watch hundreds of birds
            • Birding festivals are one of the easiest places to take exceptional birding photographs


            So there you have it. If you haven’t registered for the next birding festival, here’s all the more reason for you to do it now! You really do not want to miss out on these benefits!


            Do you know of other birding festivals you believe are worth mentioning? Let us know in the comment section below.

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