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Barbara Feldenstain
Barbara Feldenstain
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At last a shop that really stands for something! Love the idea love the shirts and the boots. Recommended.

Dana Rimond
Dana Rimond
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First of all I love the designs, they are great! Second, the buying experience was good and not too complicated and third, I got my beautiful shoes on time which is nice as well. Overull expirience - I'll be back for more!

Bob Tarte
Bob Tarte
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Love the shop and love the idea of apparel inspired by birds. the shirt that i've got was in a very high quality.

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Birding Blog: Discover All Of The Things You Didn't know about Birding

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The Little Red Riding Hood’s Test for Birds of Prey

  Imagine you were strolling down a forest trail one beautiful day. You smell the sweet saint of several exotic flowers in the cool breeze and hear...
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Top 3 Bird Watching Trails You Should Definitely Experience

Do you love Birdwatching? Here are 3 birding trails in America that will let you see some of the most magnificent bird this country has to offer!
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5 Bird Festivals You Must not Miss

As a bird watching beginner who wants to enjoy
birdwatching to the highest degree, this is something
you definitely do not want to miss. Here is a list of 5 hot
bird festivals coming up between now and March 2020.
4 Recommended Birding Apps

4 Recommended Birding Apps Sure To Improve Your Birding Experience

Have you ever found yourself watching an interesting bird and realizing that you are missing your Birding Field Guides? 😳 Once you will install one of these great apps, you can rest assured you will be prepared whenever you see this bird again 🙂📱

3 Recommended Birding Field Guides You Should Have For Your Next Trip

3 Recommended Birding Field Guides You Should Have For Your Next Trip

It’s nothing less than a fact to say birding guides are vital gears for every birder, beginner or otherwise. The advantages of having one are rather numerous.

In this article, we would be providing you with a list of the top 3 birding field guides out there and why you should get them.

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7 Birding Gear Every True Birder Should Have

The list of 7 birding gear you need to have as a true birder. All the items in this list are essential for birding expeditions...
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Top 10 Birds You Never Knew Existed

The world of birds is filled with quite a lot of exotic species you probably never knew existed. From birds with mustaches to those with horns, this blog provides you with a list of 10 of such peculiar birds.
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Top 10 Birds Every Bird Lover Must See

Choosing what species of birds to watch next can be a big dilemma. This blog provides you with a list of birds most birdwatchers around the world agree that every birdwatcher must see.
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Finding and Photographing Owls at Night - The Birdtitude Guide

In this guide, you’d be learning all you need to know about finding owls at night and how to take wonderful pictures of these birds in their natural habitat. You’d also be learning about the practices you need to observe while finding owls at night.
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An Interview with Hilarious Bob Tarte

In this unique interview, Bob is sharing with the Birdtitude team, his secrets and stories about his birding life. You will be amazed by some of his advices for romantic relationships with birders. Discover Bob Tarte unique story by reading the interview now!

Owl Watching - The Birdtitude Beginners Guide

Owl Watching - The Birdtitude Beginners Guide

While regular bird-watching might seem an easy affair, the thought of watching a potentially dangerous bird of prey like the owl can get a bit inti...
5  Essential Tips for Bird Watching in a Changing Climate

5 Essential Tips for Bird Watching in a Changing Climate

As the climate changes and bird populations decrease, those who enjoy the hobby of birding may find themselves staring at nothing but shrubbery for...